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It is our mission here to provide you with some of the best priced and highest customer rated lighting kits available on the market today. Whether you’re just looking for a couple umbrella lights to supplement your present lighting or a whole new lighting set up you’ll find it here. No light kit that is showcased on this site has less than a 4 star customer rating, which means that you’re sure of getting a high quality product with none of the guesswork. Let’s get going!

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Ok so you bought a brand new digital SLR, a couple of lenses, some filters and a fancy bag to haul it all around in. So maybe you’re ready for the next step? Maybe it’s time for you to consider one of the new photography lighting kits? You may be asking why if so scroll down and read on?

If you plan on doing any portrait photography, or even in studio video, you’re going to need some lighting equipment that’s up to that’s up to the task. You’ll need it even more if you plan on taking your new endeavor to the next level and turn it into a growing business. At that point it will not only have to be functional, but also look professional as well. Yes nothing makes a new client think they may have made a huge mistake quicker than their new wedding photographer pulling out a Home Depot shop light to provide light for their most important portrait. Remember perception is reality!

The good news is though that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get good quality equipment. There are many different types of these kits available out there and some of them even come with an additional green screen to make digital removal and insertion of backgrounds a snap for both your photographers and videographers. Yes they are a great way to pick up all your lighting equipment at once. Everything comes in one package and at a price that is probably less that what it would cost you to complete it one piece at a time.

The big question though is which lighting kit is right for you? There is a wide selection of different packages to choose from, here is a quick rundown.

  • Portrait Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kits (Incandescent) – These are low priced lighting kits that are great for all levels of photographers, but are of exceptional value for the beginner. These kits have pretty much gone the way of the Dodo though due to their use of incandescent lights.
  • Portrait Studio Umbrella Continuous CFL Lighting Kits – These kits are similar to the one above with the exception of the bulbs used having been changed to compact fluorescent bulbs, which are much cooler running.
  • Continuous Lighting & Muslin Backgrounds – These contain for the most part the same basic lighting as the CFL kits above with the addition of muslin backdrops.
  • Continuous Softbox Lighting Kits – This type of kit can be either fluorescent or incandescent (now mostly CFL) and usually contain a number of attachable soft boxes. These kits are for anyone wants to get a high quality videos and photography shots without a hash lighting effect.
  • Table Top Photo Studio Light Tents – Photographers wishing to take photos of small to medium sized items, such as rings, books, etc. can utilize this lighting gear to produce high quality photos with a bright white background.

As you can see there is no lack of photography lighting kits to fit just about any level of experience or maybe more importantly size of budget. You can start out with an Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit and add backdrops and soft boxes as you go. Then again maybe you want to pick up everything you need all at once. That is the beauty of buying theses lights in kit form you can put together just about any combo you might want.

Check out some of the deals above. I think you will agree that they are a pretty solid way to go and at a great price.

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