A 2 Part Primer On Flash Photography For The Beginner

Making More Sense Of A Confusing Subject.

Flash Photography For BeginnersMaybe you’re new to photography and many of the aspects of it may seem confusing to you. One of those aspects is more than likely using a flash in your photography. Questions like how do you use it, when do you use it and do I really need to use it probably are just a few that come quickly to mind.

Well to clear things up for you here is a two-part primer on flash photography for the beginner. The two videos below from Phillip McCordall will answer a lot of questions for you. The first video gives you all the basics and explains the types of flashes that will be available to you. The second video is a little more advanced and will get more into how to use actually them.

Watch the videos and take some notes, so that you can really internalize what you will learn.





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