Complete Photography Lighting Kits For Your Home Studio

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Everything In One Kit.

Complete photography lighting kits are just that, your one stop shop for everything you may need in your studio or for when you are traveling. The kits described below are some of the highest reviewer rated packages that we have come across and are sure to give you great value for your dollar. Simply scroll down through each one, decide which one best suits your needs and then click on its image to be taken to it.

Linco Photography Studio Lighting Kit

Linco Photography Studio Lighting Kit.

If you’re not interested in piecemealing in your lighting system together then this offering from Linco can provide you with just about everything you will need in one convenient package. Here’s a complete breakdown of what comes with it.

  • 2 – Morning Glory Softboxes that can be used as a reflector, light diffuser and a bulb protective system.
  • 2 – Boom Arm Reflector Holders which have an 86 inch long arm, boom arm clamps and counterweight sandbags.
  • 2 – Soft White translucent umbrellas that are deeper than other umbrellas with less light loss and are 24 square.
  • 4 – Light stands that adjust to 6.5 feet tall.
  • 1 – Silver reflective panel that is collapsible and measures 15” x 18”.
  • 4 – Single bulb light heads with a ceramic base and dirt Proof cap.
  • 4 – 4100K 23W soft white CFL bulbs.
  • 1 – 5’ x 10’ Muslin green screen backdrop.
  • 4 – Muslin backdrop holder clamp clips.
  • The reviewer rating on this one is a phenomenal 4.6 stars out of 5.

Square Perfect 5080 SP3500 Kit

Square Perfect 5080 SP3500 Kit.

If you’re looking for a true all-in-one kit then look no further than this Square Perfect 5080. It has a lot to offer and although it’s a little more expensive it’s well worth it. Check out what this amazing kit comes packed with.

  • 2 – Studio strobes (160 Watt-second each) that are of professional quality, variable flash output and contain their own 75W modeling light.
  • 1 – Four leaf barn door for use with the strobes.
  • 1 – Snoot attachment for use with the strobes.
  • 2 – Soft boxes that measure 20” x 28”.
  • 1- Honeycomb grid.
  • 1 – Umbrella (gold reflecting) that measures 33 inches in diameter.
  • 3 – Aluminum light stands that are professional quality. Two of them adjust from 37 inches to 84 inches and one from 18 to 39 inches tall.
  • 1 – 45 Watt/Second sync flash.
  • 3 – Backdrops. One is a gray 10’ x 20’ and is made of fabric, one is 6’ x 9’ pure white and the other is 6’ x 9’ pure black. Includes light proof carry bag.
  • 1 – Collapsible double-sided reflector that is 22 inches in diameter. One side is gold the other side of silver.
  • 1- Four Channel radio trigger, sync cord and receiver.
  • 1 – 15 foot hot shoe with PC sync cords for any camera that has a hot shoe.
  • 4 – Color gels that allow you to change up your background colors (Translucent, blue, red, yellow).
  • 1 – Carrying case.
  • Currently has a reviewer rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.

NEEWER 750W Professional Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Light Kit

Neewer 540W Studio Lighting Kit.

This complete kit is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike and you can use it for photographing everything from products to portraits. The best thing is it’s at an incredible price. Listed below is what comes included with this package.

  • 3 – Professional quality 5400K studio strobes with their own 75 W modeling light.
  • 1 – Barn door with honeycomb.
  • 4 – Color gels to provide for changes in background colors (Translucent, blue, red, yellow).
  • 3 – Heavy-duty aluminum stands that adjust to a max height of 75 inches.
  • 2 – Soft boxes that measure 25.5 inches x 19.6 inches.
  • 2 – 33 inch umbrellas, one black and one white.
  • 1 – 16 Channel wireless trigger (transmitter and receiver).
  • 1 – Carrying bag that measures 30.7” x 9.8” x 9.8”.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Reviewer rating currently stands at 3.9 stars out of 5.

There you have it three of the highest reviewer rated complete lighting packages that we were able to come across. For more information about any one kit, to read the reviews or order just click on any image and a new window will open to fulfill your request.


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