Easily Photograph At Slow Shutter Speeds Without A Tripod

Easily Photograph At Slow Shutter Speeds Without A Tripod

Minimize That Shake.

Photograph At Slow Shutter SpeedsIf you have been into photography for any time at all you’ve come into the situation where you need to photograph at slow shutter speeds to achieve the proper image. The problem is if you’re like me half of the time you haven’t brought your tripod so that you can eliminate the effect of those shaky hands. Sure image stabilization helps, but only to a point.

To help you solve this age-old problem the video below from SLR lounge will walk you through getting by without that tripod in a pitch. The tips include…

  1. Using your offhand to study the camera below the lens.
  2. It’s a simple as finding an object to brace yourself against.
  3. A pose called the elbow shelf.
  4. The super squat (forget about this one if you’ve had a knee replacement.)
  5. Just sit down.
  6. Learn to regulate your breathing.

After watching the video you’ll have a good grasp on how to perform each of these tips so you’ll be ready to grab that slow shutter shot when the opportunity presents itself and not have to worry about that tripod.




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