Light Up Your Video Or Photo Shoot With A Softbox Lighting Kit

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For Soft, Diffused Light.

One of the more popular kits available on the market are for soft box lighting. These lights can provide ample amounts of soft, diffused, shadow filling light for your home studio or when you travel. Below we have put together five highly rated softbox lighting kits that will provide the beginner or even the professional a very functional yet cost-effective purchase. So scroll through, check them all out and then decide which one best suits your needs.

PBL Soft Box Lighting

PBL Studio Photography Video Softbox Lighting

This is a 500W fluorescent bulb lighting kit that will set up in seconds. In addition the fluorescent high output bulbs are designed to ensure that you capture all the detail you need in your images. The bulbs are a special photographic 5500K daylight flicker free model that are rated at 10,000 hours. Here’s what rounds out the rest of this kit.

  • 2 – Soft boxes are 24” x 24” and are constructed of a heavy-duty extra thick material.
  • 2 – 5500K fluorescent daylight bulbs.
  • 2 – Stands that can extended to 7 feet high and are complete with carry bag. The frame construction is of anodized aluminum tube with rubber tips on the legs.
  • Use for video or photo photography.
  • Will not create hot spots.
  • Can be left on for an entire day without ever heating up.
  • Current reviewer rating is 4.1 stars out of 5.

ePhoto 4PCS Lighting Softbox Photography Kit

ePhoto 4PCS Lighting Softbox Photography Kit

The ePhoto 4PCS is a perfect choice for your high definition video and photo shoots. The CFL bulbs included with a kit will give you a soft light and more natural skin tones along with filling in any shadows. The entire kit includes the following.

  • 4 – Light stands that will extend the 6’-5” high.
  • 4 – Softboxes that measure 16” x 24”.
  • 4 – Diffusers for the front of the soft box.
  • 4 – 5500K 60W daylight flicker free CFL bulbs
  • The soft boxes constructed of high quality nylon.
  • All power cords are included.
  • Sports a reviewer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Fancierstudio Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

Fancierstudio Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

The Fancierstudio softbox is a 3000W unit and that will gently focus shadow filling light on any subject you wish. The unit itself comes with (15) 5500K bulbs that are daylight balanced. Here’s what else comes with the kit.

  • 3 – Softboxes that are professional quality measuring 22” x 28”.
  • 3 – Light sockets that are premium quality and capable of holding up to five bulbs each.
  • 15 – 5500K 45W daylight balance CFL bulbs (equals 3000 watts).
  • 3 – Light stands that will extend to 7 feet tall.
  • A carrying bag and is capable of fitting all three softboxes.
  • Has a 4.0 Star out of 5 rating by reviewers.

LimoStudio Photography 2300W Digital Video Photo Studio Softbox Light Kit

LimoStudio Photography 2300W Digital Video Photo Studio Softbox Light Kit

This 2300W unit not only contains two upright softbox units it also sports and overhead boom type softbox as well. Add to that the (10) 45W CFL bulbs and you have an extremely versatile lighting kit. Here is what flushes out the rest of package.

  • 2 – 24” x 24” soften light softboxes with four levels of light control possible.
  • 1 – 19” x 19” studio quality overhead boom light Holder and reflector with two levels of light control possible.
  • 10 – 6500K 45W daylight balanced CFL bulbs and 1 6500K 65W bulb.
  • 2 – Adjustable light stands that can extend from 28 inches to 81 inches tall.
  • 1 – Photography video studio boom stand & sandbag combo that adjusts from 47 inches to 72.5 inches tall with an arm that extends to 84 inches while holding up to 13 pounds.
  • 1 – Handy carry bag for all parts that measures 36.5″ x 11″ x 11″ (W x H x D).
  • Reviewers have given this product a 4.3 star out of 5 rating.

Linco Lincostore 2000 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Kit

Linco Lincostore 2000 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Kit.

The Linco package is your one-stop shop that contains everything you need in the way of softbox lighting including backdrops. Here’s the way the rest of it breaks down.

  • 3 – Auto pop-up soft boxes that measure 20” x 20”. The Auto pop-up boxes will cut down your assembly time immensely.
  • 3 – Florescent four socket fixtures that have the on-off switch incorporated into the power cord.
  • 3 – Sturdy light stands that will adjust to a maximum of 7 feet high.
  • 12 – 23W CFL soft white bulbs for more energy efficiency.
  • 1 – Boom Arm Reflector Holder Kit that is 86 inches long, has a high capacity counterweight bag and second generation boom clamp.
  • 1 – Carrying bag that measures 31” x 9” x 12” (LxWxH).
  • 1 – Backdrop support stand that is 7 feet tall and has a 10 foot wide crossbar.
  • 3 – 5’ x 5’ backdrops which are green, black and white.
  • Reviewers have given this kit an amazing 4.7 stars out of 5.

There you have it five highly rated soft box lighting kits that will cover just any situation you may be trying to light. About the only thing you might want to add to this would possibly be a couple of umbrella lights just in case.

To get more information on any individual kit, read the reviews or to purchase one of your own simply click on any image and a new window will open to fulfill your request.


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