The All In One Guide On How To Pose Your Portrait Models.

A Great Learning Resource.

Portrait PosingAs important as proper lighting is it any portrait photography the way you pose your models is just as, if not more important. After all you can have all the light in the world flooding onto a subject but if that subject looks uninteresting, stiff or unattractive the whole shoot will be for not. In addition posing your models in accordance with guidelines from the past may also leave you without a client.

In the video below from you will be given just about everything you need to know about model posing. Everything from making your model look good to avoiding the six deadly sins of any portrait photography are included. This is no lightweight video though and is over an hour long so be sure to take copious notes while you’re watching for later reference. One of the main takeaways from this video is to remember that you’re trying to please your client, not take photos to impress other photographers.




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